Electrical Non Compliance

Penalties For Non-Compliance

• Increase in levies

• Large Fines

• Prohibition notices

• imprisonment sentences

• Insurance Cancelation

Results of Non-compliance, accidents and costs

  • Full wages to employees during this time                                                   
  • • Legal and witness fees
  • loss of profit
  • Loss of profit, etc. for the period of suspension 
  • Fines for breaches of the Safety Act 
  • Revoked and canceled insurance claims
  • An injured worker’s wages
  • Time lost during incident
  • Time lost by management in assisting, investigating, reporting,etc
  • Full sick wages to injured worker until there return
  • Replacement worker costs
  • Loss due to suspension of work because of a prohibition or improvement notice
  • Loss of productivity whilst being retrained.
  • Cost of replacement equipment if damaged.
  • loss of profit.
  • settlements made with injured workers or their families.

Who Is Accountable

Every person who may have an affect on the workplace health and safety conditions of the workplace or environment. Every principal or employer who commissions workers or contractors . No Employer or Principal Is Exempt They all have a common duty of care under health and safety laws to provide safe places of work for their employees.