Why Out Source Test & Tag

Well how we look at it is, " when you want job done right , you want it done right", (RIGHT?) That's what we do , it right.

And why? Because we do it, day in and day out and are very experienced in the fields we cover.

We have seen all sorts of things over the years. Some people go off and do a tafe course to test and tag, that's fine as they do offer this course for people out there, BUT this course only allows you to test and tag your own personal equipment not anyone else's.

You must be a holder of an electrical licence to test other peoples equipment or to do it as a business for other people.

Some people think this saves them money.......And In actual fact it doesn't safe you money at all. By the time you take in effect your time , tags, testing gear and all the proper public and indemnity insurances you need to cover yourself its saves nothing at all .

In some case cases it can cost you more to do it yourself than outsource it from a professional Company.

On top of all that you and only you will be responsible & liable for all testing and work that is done..

YES that right you now take on all responsibility on your shoulders if something was to happen and if you did not test your appliances and log your testing information properly or cut corners and something horrific was to happen such as an electrocution or death, there will be huge ramifications - Large fines and imprisonment . Also would you want someone testing your gear that doesn't do it day in and day out and as a profession.

They come out scratching there head soon to be forgotten because there lucky if they do it once a year.

So why would you take the risk? Inexperience in someone's hands when it comes to electricity ---NO WAY electricity can kill & does KILL.

Its also the time & money it costs your business to pay a staff member or yourself to take off doing there other work duties while testing appliances. Also when you out source another company or business this takes a lot of the this stress and worry away and puts the responsibility on them and not you or your business.

                          Elite Compliance & Safety will look after your electrical safety testing with the

1.The latest testing equipment .

2.Right system, 

3.Experience people                                          

                                                      Leave it to the experts Will look after you !!!!!!